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2014 NFL Playoffs Printable Bracket
Updated: April 2014

In case you are on a look out for the printable 2014 NFL Playoff brackets, you are certainly finding yourself at the right location and at the right time.

Open Sportsbook USA has been working in the sports business for a long period of time now and each and every season we offer to our readers NFL Playoffs printable brackets to share with friends or office workers and at the same time all thisinformation is going to be archived.

Superbowl 48 XLVIII Dates, Times, and more

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos (-2)
Sunday, Feb. 2, 6:25 PM ET


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2014 NFL Football Playoffs schedule for free.



The 2013-2014 NFL Printable Playoff Bracket will be changed every round, especially when it gets closer to the superbowl, this way you can easily bookmark the page and can visit back to print the updated version of the bracket throughout the playoffs up until the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLVIII (48) will be held on February 2nd, 2014 at MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey. Dont forget to print out the super bowl 100 boxes and enjoy them with friends and family.

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2014 NFL Football Playoffs Picture


2014 NFL Playoffs Picture

(updated: January 4th, 2013)


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NFL Playoffs 2014
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2014 NFL Playoff Dates

The 2013 NFL Playoffs will get underway next weekend, January 4th and January 5th, with four games in the Wild Card Round. For many, how the teams get there is somewhat of a mystery.

The NFL has had some sort of postseason since 1933 when it held the first NFL Championship Game. The current playoff system calls for six teams from each conference, the AFC and the NFC, to qualify for the postseason. Each conference has four divisions and each division champion earns a playoff berth. Those four teams earn the top four seeds, based on their overall records, in the playoffs.


The 2013 NFL season so far proves to be a fantastic one. Back in the past we have always wanted to find some simple one page printable brackets that can be used for each of the NFL's team each week.

In case you want to see the post-season NFL playoff games and the championships plus the Super Bowl odds, visit our super bowl 48 latest odds and props bets pages.

The remaining two teams chosen are wild-card qualifiers and are the two teams in each conference with the best records after the division champions. These two wild-card teams receive the fifth and sixth seeds.

The first week of the postseason features the wild-card entrants taking on the No. 3 and No. 4 seeds. The top two seeds in each conference earn a bye and a well-deserved week off. This year in the AFC, No. 3 Cincinnati hosts No. 6 San Diego on Sunday, Jan. 5, and No. 4 Indianapolis welcomes No. 5 Kansas City to Lucas Oil Stadium on Saturday, Jan. 4.

In the NFC, third-seeded Philadelphia will host sixth-seeded New Orleans on Saturday, Jan. 4, and Green Bay, the fourth seed, gets No. 5 San Francisco at home on the frozen tundra on Sunday, Jan. 5.

There is no set NFL playoffs bracket as the teams that win in the wild-card round determine the match-ups for the divisional round. The No. 1 seed always plays the lowest remaining seed from the previous round. For example, should San Diego defeat Cincinnati in the AFC wild-card round, the Chargers would then travel to No. 1 seed, Denver, in the next round. The No. 2 seed, New England in the AFC, would then play the other remaining team.

After the divisional round, the two teams that remain in each conference then meet for their conference championship. The winners of the conference championships then meet for the Super Bowl.

Seattle, which finished 13-3 during the regular season, earned the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Carolina defeated Atlanta in the final week of the season to finish 12-4, win the NFC South, and earn the No. 2 seed in the NFC playoffs.


2014 NFL Football Season


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