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Sunday Night Football Schedule
Updated: June 2015

Sunday Night Football Returns
With NFL teams in preseason training camps, it will not be long before Sunday Night Football is back. As is customary, the first telecast of the season is the annual Thursday night kickoff, which this year features last year’s Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers. In this year’s first true Sunday Night Football game on Sept. 7, Denver, which lost to the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII last year, will face Indianapolis.

That game, of course, will once again feature former Colts QB Peyton Manning, who now calls the shots for the Broncos. Green Bay and Dallas will each be featured three times of Sunday Night Football this season. After facing the Seahawks in the season opener, the Packers will visit New Orleans to take on the Saints on Oct. 26 and face division rival Chicago at home on Nov. 9.

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Sept. 5th – Baltimore @ Denver (Thursday)
Sept. 8th – N.Y. Giants @ Dallas
Sept. 15th – San Francisco @ Se@tle
Sept. 22nd – Chicago @ Pittsburgh
Sept. 29th – New England @ @lanta
Oct. 6th – Houston @ San Francisco
Oct. 13th – Washington @ Dallas
Oct. 20th – Denver @ Indianapolis
Oct. 27th – Green Bay @ Minnesota
Nov. 3rd – Indianapolis @ Houston
Nov. 10th – Dallas @ New Orleans
Nov. 17th – Green Bay @ N.Y. Giants
Nov. 24th – Denver @ New England
Nov. 28th – Pittsburgh @ Baltimore (Thursday)
Dec. 1st – N.Y. Giants @ Washington
Dec. 8th – @lanta @ Green Bay
Dec. 15th – Cincinn@i @ Pittsburgh
Dec. 22nd – New England @ Baltimore

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Dallas entertains the Saints on Sept. 28 and then has two late season Sunday night games. On Nov. 23, the Cowboys travel to New York to face NFC East rival the Giants and then on Dec. 14 the Cowboys travel to Philadelphia to take on another division rival in the Eagles.

The tradition that is Sunday Night Football began in 1987 when ESPN began broadcasting games and continued until 2005 when NBC took over the airing of games on Sunday night.

The weekly game has become a staple in homes across the country and is so popular that it was the most-watched television program during the 2013-14 season. The NFL now considers the weekly Sunday Night Football game to be its featured game of the week. As such, NBC and the NFL have created a flexible scheduling system. While the Sunday Night Football schedule for the 2014 season has been released, there is some flexibility later in the season. The NFL can select games that are more intriguing and have playoff implications instead of the regularly scheduled contest.

2014/15 NFL Football Season


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