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Free Printable NBA Basketball Brackets
Updated: November 2017

Once the final regular season NBA games have run their course – which finish on the 13th of April 2016 - the NBA Playoff brackets will commence. Fans of basketball will want to have their 2017 NBA playoff brackets in hand before the first round of the season on April, 2017 starts. Odds on favorites this year are the Golden State Warriors, with a previous record setting season suggesting they will stay that way. Final matchups for the season are settling in, as the playoff seeds work their way to the final games, which will ultimately determine the final face off.

To make it easier for fans to keep pace with the action we have uploaded a blank NBA Playoff bracket which they can use to keep tabs on who they think will be competing in each round. Once the matchups are finalized the complete 2017 NBA Playoffs Bracket (which is fillable and printable) will be posted. We are all waiting with baited breath to see if we get to witness another intense Warriors Cavs matchup, or if teams like San Antonio or Oklahoma City Thunder can upset the balance. The NBA Playoff TV schedule has also been uploaded for those fans who like to plan out the games they think are worth watching post season.


2017 NBA Playoffs Bracket

2017 NBA Playoffs Printable Bracket

Fillable Bracket Features

You get a lot more options in the fillable bracket than you do in the standard Printable NBA Playoff Bracket. We developed this bracket to be customizable, allowing you to fill in the points per round in the topmost row, and entering special instructions, rules and notes in the large blank space situated in the middle of the lower half of the bracket. Don’t forget, you also have the option of leaving any of the blue fields blank, which will show up as empty space when you print.

The latest version of Adobe Reader gives you even more functions. For instance, you can allow participants to fill out the bracket and then send their picks in by email. The bracket can also be saved, updated, emailed, or printed.


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Get your blank 2017 NBA playoff bracket and use it to keep tabs on all of the NBA Playoff action.


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