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2017 NHL Stanley Cup Odds to Win
Updated: June 2017

The NHL, more so than any other professional sports league, is a league where Cinderella stories can happen. Unlike the NBA, where only four or five teams really have a chance at a championship, the NHL has ten or more teams that can go on to win a championship every season with the help of a few breaks and great play.

This year’s champion, the LA Kings, was an example, rising as an eight seed to roll through the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup. Even though it’s only August, the NHL season is right around the corner (hopefully, pending a new CBA), and the odds are out there for 2017’s Stanley Cup Champion.



Odds to Win the 2017 NHL Stanley Cup

**odds provided by Bovada

Pinguins +900
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Wild +500
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Blackhawks +700
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Canadiens +1200
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Capitals +500
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Ducks +2000
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Kings +2500
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Panthers +5000
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Stars +6000
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Predators +2800
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Blues +2000
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Maple Leafs +3300
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Sharks +1500
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds
Senators +2500
nhl stanley cup 2017 odds




Pittsburgh Penguins – 9/1
The parallels between this team and basketball’s Miami Heat are unbelievable. From superstar who is disliked around the league (Sidney Crosby : LeBron James), to the “overshadowed” phenom you have to respect (Evgeni Malkin : Dwayne Wade) and beyond. The Pens are even Cup favorites following an early 2012 exit. That exit was without a healthy Sidney Crosby, but this isn’t basketball, and one player doesn’t make or break a team, even an all-world talent like Crosby.

The Penguins parted ways with Jordan Staal, sending him to play with his brother, Eric, in Carolina. Found at 8/1 odds pretty universally the Penguins are the favorite in everyone’s eyes. Only, this team will need much better performances out of Marc-Andre Fleury to win, and he hasn’t had many lately.

New York Rangers – 12/1
The New York Rangers have sent their message to the league,” we mean business.” The Rangers over the last few offseasons have not shied away from huge deals with marquee players. The team that once spent $86.75 million in one offseason signing Scott Gomez and Chris Drury, both past their prime, has now started spending a little bit smarter. Since the 2007 offseason where they signed Gomez and Drury, both now retired, here’s a list of some of their key acquisitions: Marian Gaborik, Brad Richards, Rick Nash.

Most teams build around one guy of their caliber, a lot of teams have none, and the New York Rangers sit there with three. Not to mention that Chris Kreider is not even a rookie yet, having made his debut in the playoffs after completing a championship run with Boston College. Kreider wowed in the playoffs scoring two game winners in three series of action. All that coupled with Henrik Lundqvist’s stellar goaltending make the Rangers a true favorite for the cup in 2013. Their odds fall between 9/1 and 11/1 across different sources.

Vancouver Canucks – 70/1
Vancouver has filled the shoes of most every role the last few seasons, well, except that of Stanley Cup Champion. The Canucks had been the regular season darlings that never produced in the playoffs, until the 2011 playoffs saw them advance to the Stanley Cup Finals. Roberto Luongo had shed his tag of playoff bust, until he ran his mouth and was completely outperformed by Tim Thomas in the finals.

Following the Game 7 loss to Boston, Vancouver erupted. They were one game away from their franchise’s first Stanley Cup, which instead was won by Boston, a physical team with no pure scorers, an unlikely candidate for the Cup.

This Vancouver team has the same key pieces as that one. The Sedin twins, Ryan Kesler, and Kevin Bieksa. In the net is still the tandem of Luongo, and Corey Schneider. But this team still lacks the heart that lost them the 2010-2011 Cup. Their problem was never the talent, but instead the team itself. Their odds are all around the 10/1 – 11/1 range, which make sense given their history. While it is possible that this Vancouver team can win the Cup, it is not likely considering their history in tough games.

Los Angeles Kings – 25/1
Defending a Stanley Cup is hard. It’s only been done twice since the NHL moved from 22 teams to 30 teams in the 1992-1993 season (1997/1998, 2002/2003 Detroit Red Wings). Still, the Kings are in a great position. They’re best players are all young, and all under contract. The core of this team, G Jonathan Quick – 26, C Anze Kopitar – 24, RW Dustin Brown – 27, and D Drew Doughty – 22, will all be making noise in the league for a long-time.

Considering their youth, the Kings seem better prepared to handle the short summer than Boston, Chicago, and Pittsburgh were in their follow-ups to their win.

The Kings are no longer under the radar, much like Boston after their win, the league is taking notice. The team will perform well this season, but still, at 12/1, the odds are a bit high for a repeat. The odds are sensible, considering the amount of people expected to hop on the Kings bandwagon (trust me there is a lot of them), but the Kings will have a tough year ahead, and will need to work hard if they are going to return to the Finals.

Philadelphia Flyers – 60/1
The Flyers fans haven’t seen a cup in a while, thirty-eight years actually, long enough for the 6th longest Cup drought in the league. Last time they won, the Broadstreet Bullies, as the Flyers of the 70’s were known, won back-to-back cups in 1974 and 1975. Recently, including falling to Chicago in the Finals in 2010, the Flyers have been close to their third cup in franchise history, but haven’t got it yet. Claude Giroux has taken the reigns from Chris Pronger as the best player on the team. He was the man who made Scott Hartnell a near-40 goal scorer (37). As this season approaches he will need to put up over 100 points to bring the Flyers to the next level. Still, the problem for the Flyers remains their goaltender. The revolving door between the pipes has yet to find a solution to the most critical position in the game. Since 2010, four different players have played goalie for the Flyers in the playoffs. Until that issue is fixed, they really can’t do much better than 13/1.