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Updated: February 2016

Betting The NCAA Tournament Brackets

Each year, the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee puts together its tournament bracket featuring the 68 teams that make it into the field. There are 31 teams that earn an automatic bid to the tourney by winning their conference tournament. One team, the Ivy League champion, gets an automatic bid for winning the league’s regular season championship. The rest of the field, 36 teams, is chosen at-large based on their overall record, strength of schedule, and other factors.

Amateur bettors will spend more wagering on the NCAA tournament than any other sporting event in the United States. From office pools to online bets, the Big Dance is a bettor’s dream. Here are a few tips when it comes to making your wagers.


Bracket Basics

The idea when betting the NCAA tournament bracket is to pick the winner of each individual game from the First Four all the way to the championship game. The First Four refers to the last teams to get into the tourney. They square off in four play-in games on the Tuesday prior to the first weekend of play.

The bracket consists of four regions. Each region will have one play-in game. After the First Four play-in games have concluded, each region is left with 16 teams seeded No. 1 through No. 16. The teams seeded near the top are those that are considered more likely to win; however, those that follow the tournament know that sometimes there are upsets.

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Consider These Trends When Betting

• A No. 1 seed has never lost a first round game in the history of the tournament.

• Almost every year since the tournament expanded to 64 teams, a No. 12 seed has won a first-round game. Last season, three No. 12 seeds – Oregon, California, and Ole Miss – won their first game.

• A No. 15 seed has won a first-round game in each of the last two tournaments. Last year, it was Florida Gulf Coast.

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• The lowest seeded team to ever win the national championship was Villanova back in 1985. They were a No. 8 seed.

• The lowest seeded team to ever qualify for the Final Four was a No. 11. It has been done only three times in the history of the tourney, most recently in 2011, when Virginia Commonwealth beat Kansas in a regional final.

Choose Wisely And Have Fun!

Keep in mind that the top four seeds in each region have the best chances of winning their first two games. Even so, there will be upsets. The hardest games to choose are usually the No. 8 versus No. 9 game, but rarely does the winner of that game win its second contest. There are exceptions as last year No. 8 seed Wichita State wound up in the Final Four.

More often than not, the Elite Eight will feature at least two No. 1 seeds and the Final Four is normally made up of teams seeded No. 1 through No. 4. It’s hard to predict what may happen, but whatever you do, have fun doing so!





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About the NCAA Tournament:

The sixty-eight participating teams are selected by an NCAA selection committee following set criteria. The teams are chosen from 31 Division I conferences and 37 teams which have played and honored in renowned events of US.

The teams thus decided upon are further grouped in four regions and arranged into a single elimination category. The teams are upgraded or downgraded within their respective regions. The process of single elimination followed by NCAA means whenever one team succeeds; it knows the contender to be played with in the following match.

There are played four games between eight lower-ranked teams at the initial level. Afterwards, the competition begins between lower-ranked teams and higher-ranked teams and stretched over three weekends at different places in US. Every weekend three-fourth of the teams gets eliminated and the final total reaches to four teams, one from each region. The championship between these Final Four is held on the first weekend in April at a predetermined site in the United States.

People have certain predictions for their favorite teams for March Madness . UCLA – one of the famous teams is thought to have a win-win situation this year as they were unable to grab victory for the year 2013-2014. Some are hoping success for the Missouri as it has good team spirit. Wisconsin which has remained a strong team is being expected to live upto its standards for 2014-15 as well.

The young and energetic team of Texas has also been eyed upon to be in the Big 12 atleast if not in Final Four. Huskies and Texas A&M could have a less chance to be in the top slot; although people will be pleased to see their comeback as winners.

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