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2018 NFL Thursday Night Football
Updated: September 2019


The National Football League season will get underway on Sept. 6 this season with a rematch of last year’s NFC divisional playoff game. Atlanta will travel to Philadelphia to face the defending Super Bowl champions. The game will actually be broadcast by NBC’s Sunday Night Football team with kickoff set at 8:20 ET.


The true Thursday Night Football that began in 2006 has undergone some changes entering the 2018 season. For the first time since 2014, NBC will not be part of the Thursday Night Football telecasts. The NFL worked out a deal with Fox in early January for the network to acquire the rights to broadcast Thursday Night Football. The new television deal will allow Fox to air 13 games in each of the next five seasons. Eleven of those games will be simulcast with the NFL Network.


This season’s first broadcast will take place on Sept. 13, Week 2 of the NFL season. Baltimore will head to Cincinnati for what has become a very physical rivalry between two AFC North foes. Last year, it was the Bengals’ 31-27 upset over the Ravens that prevented Baltimore from reaching the playoffs.

Thursday Night Football Schedule


The Thursday Night Football schedule simulcasted on NFL Network as well as NBC:


Sept. 6th: Week 1 - Falcons at Eagles


Sept. 14th: Week 2 - Ravens at Bengals


Sept. 20th: Week 3 - Jets at Browns


Sept. 27th: Week 4 - Vikings at Rams


Oct. 4th: Week 5 - Colts at Patriots


Oct. 11th: Week 6 - Eagles at Giants


Oct. 19th: Week 7 - Broncos at Cardinals


Oct. 25th: Week 8 - Dolphins at Texans


Nov. 1st: Week 9 - Raiders at 49ers


Nov. 8th: Week 10 - Panthers at Steelers


Nov. 15th: Week 11 - Packers at Seahawks


Nov. 29th: Week 13 - Saints at Cowboys


Dec. 6th: Week 14 - Jaguars at Titans

Dec. 13th: Week 15 - Chargers at Chiefs



Thursday Night Football will also air a pair of late-season Saturday games on the NFL Network. In Week 15, Houston will play at the New York Jets and Cleveland heads to Denver on Saturday, Dec. 15. The NFL Network will also air a pair of Saturday games the following week. The teams are still to be determined.


Thursday Night Football will also televise a Week 8 International Series matchup between Super Bowl champion Philadelphia and AFC runner-up Jacksonville. The game will be played at Wembley Stadium in London where the Jaguars have won three straight games in consecutive seasons. Last year, the Jags beat the Ravens handily, 44-7.


This year’s Thursday night schedule has just four divisional matchups. The very first broadcast in Week 2, the Ravens at the Bengals, is one. The Eagles and Giants will play in Week 6. Jacksonville-Tennessee happens in Week 14 and the Chargers and Chiefs meet in Week 15.

Just as in previous years, NBC will broadcast the annual Thanksgiving night game. This year’s game, on Nov. 22, will pit Atlanta against NFC South rival New Orleans. The game will be played at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.


Dallas and Pittsburgh have the most wins on Thursday Night Football. Each team has won eight times. Both teams won a game last year. The Steelers beat the Houston Texans 34-6 on Christmas Day and the Cowboys beat NFC East rival Washington 38-14 on Nov. 30, 2017.

The Detroit Lions have played the fewest games on Thursday Night Football. Playing in just their second game, the Lions beat the Bears last year on Dec. 16, 20-10. Detroit does not play a Thursday Night Football game in 2018.

2019 NFL Football Season


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2019 NFL Season

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