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2017 NBA Championship Odds
Updated: March 2018

According to Vegas, these are the odds for each team winning the Championship. The Warriors are favorite to win it all and pretty much stayed favorite throughout the season. San Antonio has an 8/1 chance of taking it this year. With Kawhi playing the best basketball of his career, it’s not farfetched to believe they will come out on top especially if Curry can’t return in time. The Cavs on the other hand have a 2/1 chance, but do they have enough firepower to beat the two teams above? LeBron has already lost to both teams in the finals so it will be an interesting battle if this is what comes into fruition at the NBA Finals.


Odds to Win the 2017 NBA Championship

**odds provided by Bovada

Warriors -400
nba finals 2017 odds
Cavaliers +275
nba finals 2017 odds
Celtics +2200
nba finals 2017 odds
Spurs +5000
nba finals 2017 odds


**odds comparison updated weekly



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The Raptors come 4 spots ahead of Indiana even though the series are tied 2-2. Toronto has a 50/1 odds to win, while the Pacers have a 300/1 (not sure why that makes any sense, but I agree the Raptors have a better chance than the Pacers of taking it all).

Atlanta has better odds for winning the NBA Championship coming in at 75/1. The Celtics who have tied up the series, come in right after with 150/1 odds. Both of these teams could really upset the next team in the next round.

Lillard and the Trailblazers have a 200/1 odds of winning despite having a whole new cast of players this year. They are going to need all the help they can get, especially from Mason Plumlee. Golden State is definitely hoping that they extend the series to 7 to get their MVP back within the next round.

Charlotte have lost Batum (or have they?), but still have a 300/1 odds of winning it all. The team make up isn’t bad at all, but they lack a defensive identity needed to win. With MKG and possibly Batum out, it’s tough to see them coming remotely close.

The Rockets have a 1000/1 odds of winning, which makes sense. Houston is likely to be out of the first round even with Chef Curry out. A team without any defense, never comes close to winning it all.
Dallas has had much bad luck this year. Stemming from DeAndre having second thoughts and with so many injuries to key players, the Mavs have done all they could to make it this far. However, KD and Russell’s play give the Mavericks a 9999/1 odds of winning it all.

First, the NBA salary cap raised to $94million up from $70million, thus making the luxury tax limit $113million instead of $84million. With the new found salary freedom and a top-heavy NBA free agency pool, NBA teams have been spending more dollars on fringe starting-caliber players than one might expect. With very few team-altering free agents, teams began overspending on players they either hoped would be a bargain down the road or would plug an immediate hole. As a result, as the old adage says, the rich got richer while the poor got poorer.

The current odds according to Bovada, an offshore sports gambling book and leader in the industry, puts the Golden State Warriors at -140 to win the 2017 NBA Finals thanks to some savvy offseason maneuvering to sign Kevin Durant, the biggest prize of the free agency pool aside from Lebron James who is expected to resign with the Cavs. NBA Playoffs BracketThe defending champion Cleveland Cavaliers are at a distant +400 to win while the perennial powerhouse San Antonio Spurs are at +800 after acquiring Pau Gasol. Beyond the Big Three of the NBA, the Boston Celtics are at +2000 because of their signing of Al NBA Live OddsHorford while the Los Angeles Clippers are at +2200. The Clippers are more or less running it back with their same roster after resigning Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers, and Wes Johnson. However, the Clippers may be in a stronger position than many believe due to Blake Griffin’s health.

The much-maligned Oklahoma City Thunder are at +3300 to win the championship even though they lost Kevin Durant. The Thunder did fleece the Orlando Magic during the NBA draft to acquire Victor Oladipo, an elite defender and plus offensive player, Ersan Ilyasova, a solid stretch power-four who is one of the best charge-takers in the NBA, and the rights to Domantas Sabonis, son of NBA great Arvydas Sabonis.

Domantas may prove to be one of the steals of the NBA draft as he is a highly-skilled big man who moves and passes well out of the post reminiscent of Marc Gasol. The Thunder gave up only Serge Ibaka, who has not improved much in the past couple of years due to a terrific NBA body and solid jumper. Ibaka has suffered from taking too many perimeter shots in recent years. The Thunder retain Russell Westbrook for the moment, although Boston and the LA Lakers are said to be in hot pursuit of the ultra-athletic Point Guard. Even though they lost Durant, the Thunder may be in a position to surprise some of the top teams considering they now boast considerable inside/outside balance compared to years past.

The Toronto Raptors were one of the Cinderellas of the previous NBA season but have not made any splashes in NBA free agency. Their odds to win the 2017 NBA Finals put them third in the Eastern Conference at +3300, a far cry from the Celtics at +2000. The Raptors did resign DeMar DeRozan but lost Bismack Biyombo to the Orlando Magic. The Raptors will look to trade components to get another big man to complement Jonas Valanciunas. In the end, despite the big moves and big money, the order of teams with the best odds to win the 2017 NBA Finals is largely the same as they would have been prior to Free Agency, with the exception of the Thunder who have dropped some rungs in the standings. USA Sportsbook
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