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UFC Main Event Fights Odds
Updated: February 2021

As you might know, UFC/MMA is the hardest sport to handicap. It can change on a moment’s notice, but we will take on the challenge. We will breakdown few fight in this next UFC scheduled fights.

UFC 151 Jones vs. Handerson

On September 1st, 2012, fighting out of Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This fight is featured as a UFC Light Heavyweight Championship clash between Jon Jones and the former titleholder, and Olympic wrestler Dan Henderson, both fighting out of United States. Dan is also the former Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, which is an American mixed martial arts organized group of fighters competing within their fighting division.

That being said… let’s take a look at UFC 151 fight breakdown.

We will discuss 3 matches in this report:

1) Jon Jones vs Dan Henderson

2) Eddie Yagin vs Dennis Silver

3) Yasuhiro Urushitani vs John Lineker


1) In the feature match will stay with Jon Jones. He is a huge favorite in the match and he should be. Henderson will only have a small window to win the match. His experience gives him a shot. We lean to fighters that are peaking into matches. There is not hotter fighter in UFC than Bones Jones.

He should dominate the match… we see it lasting 2 rounds with Jones winning his 17th match and defending the title UFC Light Heavyweight

2) In the Yagin/ Silver fight… we lean to Yagin. He has won us money before and the dude fights like a no one else we have seen. He was relentless as a big underdog against Hominick in his last fight and cashed big for us. Again, UFC is hard to predict, but we know that Yagin will give every ounce of energy and will fight to the end. We have to side with Yagin

3) In the last match… we are going with Urushitani. Both fighters are coming off of loses and we expect a good fight. Urushitani has done well against fighters with a BJJ background. We expect this to be a fast fight either way and lean to Urushitani.


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