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College Football Homepage
Updated: April 2024

Every year the top college football players are selected into the National Football League, based on their performance in college. As a result betting on college football is almost as attractive to sportsbooks as the professionals, even though many of the players may not have the same skill set as the pros.

This can make betting a college football game somewhat difficult, as it results in some inconsistencies in the results of many teams. It is still not too early to think college football action.

In order to be successful in betting on college football you have to be prepared with all available information, and know how to understand what you know, to succeed.

There are a few sportsbooks that routinely compile all the information on college players and teams to help you assess the team, its potential to win over any specific team on any given week as well as how they have done in the past over any given team. With football history often reflecting the future and despite the potential upsets in college football, the same most times holds true.

2020 College Football Season


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You can use the reports released by some of the major sportsbooks for all of the information you need when betting college football.

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