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Quick Facts
  • Year established: 1998
  • Mobile Betting: Available
  • Live Betting: Available
  • up to $520 in Free Play
  • Nickel overnight lines for MLB
  • Other Games: Poker & Casino


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  • 5Dimes is a renowned online betting website that features racebook, casinos, poker and lottery as well as various other skill based games. Created in San Jose of Costa Rica, in 1998, this site has gained much recognition since then. 5Dimes has almost everything from baseball to boxing, hockey to handball and formula-one and that is just a sample. The site has biggest assortment of sporting tournaments all over the world and a few tournaments that one would never even imagine to have a chance to place bets on, such as European Water Polo.
  • There are limitless options in wager styles, including parlays, pleasers, teasers, monsters, in bets and straight bets. Maximum bets are 500 dollars if placed online and a $5K if placed over the phone. Of course, higher-limits are given to serious players upon special requests. Placing bets at is really quick. The menu list is quite simple, restricted to a few checkboxes and clicks. While many recently introduced sportsbook emphasize high end flash graphic, 5Dimes believe in keeping visuals down to minimal.
  • Since graphics are very basic, pages do not take much longer to upload which is significant when one is pressed for the first time. The feature of mobile betting does prove handy to players on the go. This sportsbook also proffers continuing promotions especially when major sporting tournaments are occurring, such as NCAA basketball event and the ‘Super bowl’. Alternatively, the players can elect to take part in cash-back plan which proffers them 15 percent cash back on almost all sports-book losses two times a year. They can also request rebates before NFL pre-season and the ‘Super Bowl’.
  • All players have to do is have an active account on the site and click the bet button next to their chosen team to get in on the early action.


Claim up to $520 in Free-Play Rewards
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