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Basketball is an incredible sport, with just about every game featuring lots of scoring, momentum swings, and highlight-reel plays with just a touch of passion and realism. Sports bettors are often enamored with the drama, the pageantry, and the glamour of the game itself. When you add high stakes using money, it's that much more exciting.Perhaps the most important aspect of online basketball betting is knowing every player on every team you plan on wagering on or against.

3 Important Key Tips to Know Before Betting on Basketball

1. Coaching Strategies- It is also very important to consider coaching tendencies. Some coaches consistently rotate their players to keep everyone fresh. There are others who rarely play bench players. In today’s league, coaches are more likely to use players that are deeper in their bench rotation to help keep morale up and injury down.


2. Bench Players- People who wage often makes the mistake of focusing too much on the star players when handicapping a game and placing wagers online. These players have the biggest impact on the game, it is the role players who determine championships. It's not important for wagers know everything about every player, however it is important to know how efficient every player can be and what their roles is on their team. One player may be a jump shooter but his role isn’t the same as a post player. Also, a defensive specialist may not impact the game the same way as an assist first player.

 3. Home Court Advantage-  Let's face it. Basketball is a momentum game. The home court teams usually have a tremendous advantage. Referees are more likely to favor the home team. The crowd noise also plays a factor. Most players who play at home are more than likely to play in front of friends and family, which can easily give a confidence boost. NBA home teams have a higher winning percentage (about 59%) than those in the MLB, NFL, and NHL, and home court can have an even bigger effect in emotionally-driven college basketball.

Types of Basketball Bets

You have to choose and choose wisely. Betting on basketball is no science. There is a technique and also a bit of luck. Wins and loses are important, but winning money can be lucrative without picking the winner. The over/under point spread dictates those who can be a successful wager. These techniques require great observational skills and also to know both teams and coaching tendencies.

Each type of bet has its strengths, and making the right bet in the right circumstances will allow you to maximize your value and profit as you win bets. With this in-depth look at each basketball betting type you will have the tools to make your desired wager exactly the way you choose.