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NFL Rookie of the Year Candidates
Updated: April 2024



2022 NFL Offensive
Rookie of the Year Candidates

below odds are provided by MyBookie Sports


Kenny Pickett +700
Drake London +800
Chris Olave +800
Treylon Burks +900
Breece Hall +900
George Pickens +1000
Garrett Wilson +1100
Skyy Moore +1200
James Cook +1400
Romeo Doubs +1400
Christian Watson +1400


MyBookie odds Updated: April 2024

NFL rookie of the year odds


One of the toughest things to pick in the NFL is who will win rookie of the year. While you can make educated guesses at what you might have seen during preseason and what they did during their college career that all needs to be taken with a grain of salt because the preseason was mostly against backups and college is a completely different level from the NFL.


Despite rookie of the year being a difficult thing to project, Sporting News did come out with a listing of whom they think could win the Offensive and Defensive rookies of the year so let’s get into it.

Offensive rookie of the year
Sporting news picked 10 players who think they could win and interestingly enough only one quarterback was actually listed. Who is that you may ask?  Kenny Pickett, who is the quarterback expected to replace Ben Rothlesburger with the Pittsburgh Steelers at +500 odds, however he is the lowest man on the totem pole when it comes to odds. The table listed by Sporting News, who  based the odds off of, listed seven receivers and two running backs.


The high man on the totem pole would be Sky Moore of the Kansas City Chiefs who will play a role in making up for the lost yards that the Chiefs may feel this year by losing speedster Tyreek Hill.


Two players off the list that could also potentially make a splash are Breece Hall with the Jets, especially if Joe Flacco and Zach Wilson implode and Treylon Burks with the Titans, especially if Julio Jones goes through his usual cycle of getting hurt.


One other player that sporting news did not list that could make a splash should he fix his injury before the season is Tyquan Thornton who was the fastest player in the NFL draft at just over a 4.25 40 and also is joining much improved quarterback Mac Jones and a whole slew of new wide receivers with the Patriots.


Defensive rookie of the year


Sometimes defensive rookie of the year can be even harder due to the fact that there are alot more players in the trenches than there are on offense and statistically defense can be hard to measure in some areas unless you are a statistical nerd. You can look closer at things like knockdowns at the line and rushes that get quarterbacks out of the pocket.


Anyways onto some of this year's top prospects. Fan duel is choosing Jordan Davis, who was drafted by the Eagles as the top prospect to win rookie of the year. Davis’ teammate Nakobe Dean who has seen his share of wins coming from the University of Georgia and is also tied with Davis  and cornerback Trent McDuffie when it comes to potential defensive rookie of the year odds. When it comes to facing the Eagles defense offenses will have their hands full trying to get around Davis and also not getting hit or intercepted by Dean.


2022 NFL Defensive
Rookie of the Year Candidates

below odds are provided by MyBookie Sports


Aidan Hutchinson +410
Kayvon Thibodeaux +690
Kyle Hamilton +810
Quay Walker +890
Ahmad Gardner +1050
Travon Walker +1075
Derek Stingley Jr. +1100
Devin Lloyd +1125
Nakobe Dean +1175
Jordan Davis +1250
Jermaine Johnson II +1250


MyBookie odds Updated: April 2024


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