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Most Anticipated NFL Matchups
Updated: April 2024

The 2022 National Football League schedule was released on Thursday, May 12. The new season kicks off on Thursday, Sept. 8 with Buffalo Bills heading to Los Angeles to play the Rams. What about the rest of the schedule? Here’s a look at the most anticipated games of the 2022 NFL season.


There is no question that the NFL did their schedule in such a way that a lot of teams will be able to play prime-time football.   A lot of teams will be able to share the spotlight and that should make for some exciting matchups.   In this piece, we are going to go over some of the most must-see matchups that will serve to titillate the juices of any diehard NFL fan.


There is little doubt that this will be a high-stakes game somehow.


  1. Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Rams - Week 1.   (NFL Opening Night)

If the NFL were looking for a better game to kick off the season, they couldn’t have done a better job. The defending champion Los Angeles Rams will kick off the season against a team that will undoubtedly on a mission. I feel that this season will serve as the “Josh Allen Revenge Tour”. There’s no way that the Buffalo Bills aren’t a contender for the Lombardi Trophy. This is the perfect game for the Bills to make a big statement.

  1. Kansas City Chiefs vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Week 4

An interesting scenario to watch out for is how the Kansas City Chiefs adjust to life without Tyreek Hill. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers would provide a good litmus test early in the seasonless to see if the Chiefs had made sufficient progress in that regard. The Chiefs will not be able to makes as many big plays as they did in years past and the defensive-minded Todd Bowles will make sure of it. This will be a “measuring stick” offense early for the Bucs with regards to the new dynamic of their offense. Los Angeles Rams vs San Francisco 49ers – Week 4 (Monday Night Football)


The San Francisco 49ers will be licking their chops to take on their division rivals in a rematch or last year’s NFC Championship. Given that we are in the “Trey Lance” era in San Francisco, the Rams will be taking on an offense with a different dynamic. Expect the San Francisco crowd to be at a fever pitch for this prime-time game against the defending World Champions. 


  1. Seattle Seahawks vs Denver Broncos – Week 1

I don't think Hollywood could have written a better script. Russell Wilson's first regular season game as an Ex-Seahawk will be against none other than the Seattle Seahawks themselves. One can expect this to be an emotional night for Russell Wilson and Seahawks fans. It will be fascinating to see how Wilson performs in this scenario.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals vs Buffalo Bills -  Week 17


It is quite plausible that the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals will be fighting for playoff positioning of some kind.   Furthermore, don't be surprised if this game determines which team has home field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs. The Bengals are poised to be at or near the top of the AFC thanks to it's revamped offensive line. This dynamic will make the Bengals even more dangerous than they were last year. I have no doubt that the Bills will be near the top as they will have a huge ship on their shoulder.



2023 NFL Football Season


2024 NFL Season
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