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Daily Fantasy Sports Promo Codes
Updated: April 2024

Enthusiasm for daily fantasy sports is racing across the country like wildfire, with millions of dollars flowing through the industry on a daily basis. This growth may be fueled in part by the ability of players to score a deposit matching bonus at any of the major daily fantasy sites. When you visit any fantasy money league site such as DraftStreet, DraftKings, or FanDuel you will notice a “Promo” or “Referral” code. Entering the code “100Money” will give you a 100% matching bonus on your first deposit – up to a limit – with each fantasy site setting their own thresholds. Currently, DraftKings’ promotion is providing the most value with a matching bonus up to $600 on offer.

You will see your bonus immediately upon entering the promo code and making the deposit. Every time you play in real money your free money bonus amount will transfer over to your real money account. Once it is in this account it is available to use for playing, or alternatively, you can withdraw the amount.

We created this site in order to provide players with certified promo codes that are not just guaranteed to work, they also give you access to some of the biggest bonuses. First-time players often think they’re only there to play for a short time and so deposit only small amounts. As a result, they waste their sign-up bonus on a small deposit and miss out on the chance for large amounts of free money. If you’re interested enough to sign up then don’t miss out on a chance to maximize your chances of free money.

It’s confirmed: DraftKings is now officially the largest site with an unbelievable $10,000,000 prize pool NFL week 1 “Millionaire Maker,” which doubles the amount FanDuel are offering. It was only 10 short months ago that FanDuel was boasting about their 80% share in the DFS market, but things have changed a lot since then. DraftKings have also just benefited from a $300 Million injection in funds, with Fox Sports leading the charge with their investment of $150 Million. An advertising campaign to run immediately on both Fox Sports and ESPN is sure to bring even more growth to DraftKings throughout 2015 and 2016. Don’t miss out and make sure you are using the most dependable promo codes for a guaranteed bonus, up to a maximum of $600, on your first deposit with

With this straight run of good news many now consider the future to be very bright for DraftKings as they get ready to topple FanDuel from the throne of DFS prize pools and number of active accounts. Daily radio and TV commercials will also play a big part in creating a new leader in the DFS industry as they draw even more players over from the competition.

The code “WEEK4” is exclusive to DraftKings and is only available through September 2015. Using this code guarantees that DraftKing will fund your account with up to a $600 matching bonus. As this bonus is only available on your first deposit make sure you don’t waste the opportunity to maximize your chance at free money by funding your account with the full $600. And don’t forget, once you have made your first deposit this bonus disappears for good. To gain more information about the DFS, check ou the daily fantasy sports guide page.


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