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e-Check - Frequently Asked Questions
Updated: April 2024

e-Check, or electronic checks, are the latest in online payment processing methods that allow customers to send money in a secure and easy way.

In recent years, it has grown in popularity because of the high level of security it provides to both the buyer as well as the seller, and many online sportsbooks today accept e-Check as a payment method.

e-Check are a combination of the speed of Internet transactions and the security of paper checks, allowing buyers to shop for goods and services without the hassles that are inherent in credit card payments.

e-Check provide users with a time tested and established payment process of paper checks on the Internet, with a better verification and authentication system than other common methods of electronic cash transactions. If you have any doubts related to echecks or its use in sports betting websites and poker websites, you can take a look at the frequently asked questions given below:

What do you mean by an e-check sportsbook?
An e-check sportsbook is similar to any other online sportsbook service that you can find, except that it offers its clients to pay using echecks.

How can you use an e-Check?
If you want to use an e-Check, all you need to do is go to the deposit options in the cashier segment of the casino website. Once you reach the webpage, you can select the echeck deposit logo and follow the simple instructions and fill the form to transfer the amount you want.

Are e-Check safe?
e-Check have gained popularity among Internet users because of the safety in money transactions. It provides the same speed as a credit card transaction, but gives you the security of transferring money through paper checks.

Are there any hidden costs and fees while using e-checks?
There are no hidden fees that you have to pay while using e-checks for depositing money into any online sportsbooks.

Why are e-Check preferred over credit cards?
A lot of people prefer e-checks to credit or debit card payments due to the security and convenience provided by the former. Some of the security features provided by a casino echeck include digital signature, data encryption and authentication. e-Check are also easy to track, with the help of the tracking number.

What should I do if I have insufficient money in my account to pay the deposit?
You must always make sure that you have enough money to cover the deposit when you are making an e-check. If not, you would be faced with a charge of insufficient funds in your account.

What do you mean by ACH?
ACH stands for Automatic Clearing House, wherein e-checks are cleared with the help of a third party Verification Company. An ACH is responsible for reviewing and authenticating your account information, and for providing the safety features for your e-check transactions.

What are the advantages of e-Check for sports betting websites?
Sportsbooks that accept echecks are really quick in transferring money- as fast as a normal credit card transaction. In addition, poker e-checks also follow various international rules and regulations, protecting you from scam and fraud. Finally, e-checks don’t require the buyer to pay any additional fee for depositing money.

What is the different status of e-Check that you would see?
e-Check have a tracking number similar to the check number in paper checks that allows the parties involved to check the status of the e-check at any point of time. Some websites may provide ‘limited availability’ of e-Check to USA gamblers, according to the deposits available in each player’s account.

Who accepts e-Check?
There are various sports betting websites, poker rooms and USA sportsbooks that accept e-checks for making payments. Many of these websites are reputable, and the number of websites accepting e-checks is steadily increasing as the medium of payment gains popularity.

How can you be sure that using an e-Check on a sportsbook websites is trustworthy?
All the gaming websites that offer an e-check payment options are under continuous supervision and you can find out if any of these websites have received complaints regarding payments. If you feel that any website cannot be trusted because of the number of complaints it is receiving, you can choose not to trust it and go for a more reputable source.

Are e-Check payments for sports betting websites legal?
Depending on the State you reside, make sure to check with your current State and local laws. Payments through e-Checks have been tested rigorously, and they are really convenient when compared to credit card payments, which have been severely restricted by the UIGEA.


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