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Sportsbooks using American Express as the Deposit Method
Updated: April 2024

Sportsbook sites using American Express cards have paved a new deposit approach for most USA players. Although it may not be a widely accept credit card, American Express has been expanding in online gambling operations through charge cards services. Lately, Amex has ventured into USA Online Sports books where betters can make any deposit amount with a charge card in replacement of a credit card, which drives finance and interest rate costs lower. Information regarding American Express sportsbooks is listed below for interested parties.

Similar to credit card owners, American Express card owners are provided a card, account number and expiration date. User information is transferred to a preferred online sportsbook account, where a deposit is made in a quick and safe manner. Often, American Express is favored over other cards as it provides the fastest American online sportsbook deposit transaction.

Although American Express is less popular in comparison to other widely-accepted credit cards, American Express users have access to faster and straightforward online transactions at sportsbooks that accept American Express as the deposit method.

The first requirement to start out using American Express cards in sports betting is to apply for and receive an Amex card. American Express offers online applications, where customer credit rating is carried out upon submission of a card application.

As Amex is essentially a charge card, bank approval can be harder to obtain and is subject to the player’s credit rating where a credit score of at least 650 achieved is required.

On the other hand, approved Amex charge card holders may benefit as good credit rating customers sometimes receive a reward card, which offers cash back on deposits. Upon receipt of an American Express charge card, a player can start opening accounts with online sports betters.