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Sportsbook Payouts
Updated: May 2019

Sportsbook Payouts for Existing Customers


When betting money at a sportsbooks, bettors want to know that they can get their payouts quickly. The quicker they can access their funds, the more likely this is to happen. The flexibility bettors get from quick payouts is what draws them to certain sportsbook sites over others.A book that offers the best bet lines is a huge advantage for them. Bettors love knowing they have a choice between using their winnings to keep placing bets or celebrating huge wins with them.


In today’s technology driven world, Bitcoins are changing the way sportsbooks work. This is changing the industry and means that bettors have new solutions for putting up their money on their favorite sporting events starting in the fall.


Certain sportsbooks are much better than others, as some process winnings immediately while others do not. In many cases, sportsbooks run into difficulty in paying off winnings due to legal issues surrounding the use of paper currency. While withdrawal processing companies must often contend with tax laws they are able to settle the issue and send players their winnings.



Any sportsbook bettor will say that the faster a site allows them to cash out their winnings the better. The best sportsbooks will do everything they can to avoid any delays in the issuing of a bettor’s winnings.

Since finding fast paying sportsbooks that pay out to bettors based in America is difficult, the following guide is provided to the best sportsbooks in the industry. The guide takes a close look at all the reasons US based bettors should stick to sportsbooks that are allowed to pay out their winnings to them and get the job done quickly.


Putting A Rush On USA Sportsbook Payouts


The first time a bettor requests a withdrawal of his or her winnings, proof of identity is required. This typically means bettors have to fax or email a copy of their driver’s license or other official photo ID. While this may seem inconvenient at first, it provides bettors with protection of their winnings. The faster one submits the required documents the faster they will get a payout.

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