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Updated: February 2021

Month of March

As the NBA 2015 Playoffs are vast approaching, the teams make their final run towards a better seed. In fact this year there are several teams which will fight for a playoff seed till the last games of the regular season. Let’s break down some of the most important games of the regular season for the month of March.



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Month of December

The new NBA season is officially underway and only a few short weeks into a young season there have already been countless surprises and storylines. These various aspects of this year's NBA season so far make the rest of the month of November very interesting to get a feel of how this season will play out.

To begin, by far the biggest surprise of this year so far has to be the collapse of the new look Lakers. They were surrounded by hype being written up as the new big 2.

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Bouncing around from a surprisingly bad team to a surprisingly great team. So far this season the New York Knicks have taken the NBA by storm. Starting the year off at an astounding 7-1 the Knicks are proving to the world that they are for real. They are lead by seasoned veteran Carmelo Anthony who has taken on even more responsibility for his team during the long term absence of Amare Stoudemire.

However, even without one of their best players the Knicks have been able to fight through and come out of the first 9 games of the season on the top of the NBA. Now a fast start is one thing, but keeping momentum throughout the season is a whole other ball game.

This Knicks team doesn't have a super hard end of November but the toughest team they play in the near future to end out November woul dbe their matchup on the road against the Mavericks. Dallas doesn't look like it's geared to make a championship run like 2 years ago but if anybody has a chance to hand the Knicks their 2nd loss by the end of the month it would most likely be the Mavericks. However, just as the month of December they do have a big game in Miami. This game will be the deciding factor as to whether I would consider this Knicks team a title contender. These top stories in the NBA that are closing out November definitely weren't expected and it will be very interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out for these teams.


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