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AAC Conference Predictions
Updated: July 2019


American Athletic Conference Predictions


Houston head coach Kelvin Sampson has worked his magic on the Cougars who are now 25-1 overall and ranked ninth in the country. They are the class of the AAC with a lone upset loss to Temple.


That win just might get the Owls (19-7) into the tourney. UCF, also 19-7, is also in as is perennial AAC power Cincinnati, which is 22-4 overall.




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Basic Information

As betting on sports becomes more popular all over the globe, it can attract some negative attention from the sports franchises and teams that are being bet upon.

With millions of dollars riding on each game, some unscrupulous sports teams or players attempt to fix the outcome. Most of us have seen the scandals highlighted in the newspaper or on TV. Despite these occasional trouble spots, sports betting remains a popular pastime for many fans.